Santa Maria Blues

Messias and The Hot Tones (POR)

Messias (vocalist, songwriter and guitarist) saw his songs reach the Top10 of the international magazine “Blues Matters” who projected him into the world and for consequent performances in N. York, Cannes, Kiev, Odessa, Madrid etc.

In 2017 Messias & The Hot Tones  were selected to represent Portugal at the European Blues Festival in Denmark, where they won the audience, producers and promoters admiration and enthusiasm.

With his own compositions in the style of “Blue Eyed Soul”, Messias was influenced by the great guitarists of the genre, eventually developing a “singular” way of playing guitar, called the “finger picking”.

At the Santa Maria Blues he will present themes of its authorship and also the great classics.

In hearing his voice the fans called it “hot tone” and this was the origin of the name of the band.

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