Santa Maria Blues

Samantha Fish (USA)

Samantha Fish is an impressive blues guitarist who sings with sweet power. For the past several years, she’s been slowly riffing her way through the blues-revival circuit and has released three strong albums — including one produced by Luther Dickinson — that marked her as one of the genre’s most promising young talents.

Blues guitarist and songwriter Samantha Fish, now in her mid-20s, started out playing drums.

Fish has built an international reputation as a powerhouse blues-rock musician with an enormous voice and tremendous skill as a guitarist. She also combines the artful sensitivity of Bonnie Raitt and the effortless swagger of the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.

Listening to Samantha Fish is like opening the window in the morning after an all-night poker game. Her bracing bluesy voice is both a clean breeze and bright sunshine, blowing out the stale smoke, chasing away the darkness, clearing your head. It’s not that the songs she sings are necessarily happy, but she presents them in such a soulful, unaffected way, that her ascetic approach makes you feel so good, even if her tunes are often full of pain. It’s a paradox, but a wonderful one.

Samantha Fish is a mix of a potent dose of soul, rock and blues.

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